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Phonics & Stories Class

This course is aimed at ages 3 - 6 and focuses on developing children’s basic speaking abilities through phonics and pronunciation activities. The lessons follow both Phonics Syllabuses and are taught through singing, constructive play, role-plays, games and children’s stories.
*These lessons are predominantly conversational.    

Phonics and Speaking class:
This course is aimed at further developing the basic speaking skills learned in the Phonics course. The purpose of these lessons is to gradually introduce a greater range of useful vocabulary to students, and to build on correct pronunciation for daily situations. There is also a larger written element to the course, which aims at introducing basic writing skills.

Monthly Fee:
60 minutes per week - HK$1,060 per month
No more than 6 students per class, the classes are taught by a native English teacher.





Jolly/ Letterland Phonics(拼音)
Jolly/ Letterland Phonics 為英國一個歷史悠久,深受小朋友及家長歡迎的英語拼音課程。其有趣的教材全面包括輔音字母、元音字母、混音字母、二合字母及三合字母等,配合唱歌、戲劇、遊戲元素,讓小朋友輕鬆、愉快學習英語拼音。


Children Stories(兒童故事)