Where Students Love to Learn!

We were established in 2003 with the aim of providing all students a place where they would love to learn. In order to achieve this expectation, the founder, Mr. Billy Koo, created three guiding principles that still shape the school today:

1. A well-organized and well-equipped school is essential for effective teaching and learning.
2 .Employing native English teachers will ensure that students will learn authentic English as it is spoken by native speakers.
3. Learning is an enjoyable experience and life-long process.

By following these three guiding ideas, we have continued to provide students with a professional and uniquely stimulating learning experience. The support from our students, parents and teachers has ensured that we have continued to grow and achieve ten years of success.

Now we would like to invite you and your children to come and share our ethos and discover the love of learning that we all share.



1) 有系統的營運模式及安全舒適的環境,讓家長及同學安心上課
2) 我們的外籍老師都以英語為母語,這有助確保教師團隊素質
3) 採用輕鬆、獨特的教學模式,讓同學熱愛學習

最後,除了我們的努力外,亦誠蒙各家長與同學的支持,得令我們於過去的十年間繼續維持優良的教學質素,令更多的學生熱愛英文、熱愛學習。現在,我們誠邀  貴子女到來試堂,一起分享學習英語的喜悅;並希望在將來的日子裏,能與各位共創更歡樂的學習氣氛!