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Cambridge English Test Preparatory Classes

Chancery’s C.E.T.P.C. explores the key areas of language that students need the most assistance with: Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening. Particular attention is paid to both grammar and vocabulary.

Students are awarded a certificate which is recognized by Cambridge University after having successfully completed the course and sitting a final examination.

Cambridge Main Suite Examination Secondary Curriculum
Level 3: First Certificate in English (FCE)
Intended for students of English who are already at a more advanced level. In Britain, this is the accepted level for communicating in many commercial organization and academic institutions. At this level, students can confidently express themselves in all the situations that are likely to arise.
Level 2: Preliminary English Test (PET)
For those students who are at an intermediate level. They will be able to speak effectively in general, day to day situations, including the family environment.
Level 1: Key English Test (KET)
This exam is designed for students who are an elementary level, and it represents a significant step towards adult level proficiency and confidence. Students will be able to understand and communicate in a coherent and simple manner in wide range of situations.

The Cambridge Young Learner’s English Test
Starters: 5-7 years old It raises the efficiency of learning English, and encourages further education.
Movers: 7-10 years old It focuses on accurate English usage including vocabulary, grammar etc.
Flyers: 9-12 years old It is divided into three stages to strengthen ability in English Reading and writing, listening, and speaking.

Monthly fee

Starters, Movers and Flyers
90 minutes per week- HK$1,560 per month maximum of 6 students per class
K.E.T., P.E.T. and F.C.E. 90 minutes per week- HK$1,560 per month maximum of 6 students per class

All the above Cambridge classes are taught by a N.E.T.(Native English Teacher)
The overwhelming majority of Chancery Students who take these exams pass with exceptional results






Level 3: First Certificate in English (FCE)


Level 2: Preliminary English Test (PET)
Level 1: Key English Test (KET)



Starters (5-7歲) 分三個階段提升英語聽、讀、寫、說能力
Movers (7-10歲) 正確運用相關的英語,包括生字、文法等
Flyers (9-12歲) 提升學習英語效率, 鼓勵持續的學習

每星期90分鐘,每月HK$1,560 每堂最多6人
每星期90分鐘,每月HK$1,560 每堂最多6人